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"Our student enjoys learning about God, and the morals and values he is learning at Ascension will definitely follow him through life. I couldn't have picked a better school or teachers."

How does Ascension support my child in the event he/she needs special academic assistance or demonstrates advanced skill in a certain subject?

One of the benefits of small class sizes and multi-grade classrooms is the differentiation that is available. Teachers are able to identify the needs of the student and much more easily react to those needs in a smaller setting. For example, a first grade student who is no longer challenged by first grade concepts in math can very easily be moved into the 2nd grade math class. The inverse of this is also true.


What is Ascension's policy on bullying?

Jesus tells us in Mark 12:31 - “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Through daily Bible lessons, a strong school-wide focus on Christian character, and frequent teacher/student engagement, Ascension Lutheran School provides the foundation for a bully-free educational environment in Sarasota.


What opportunities does Ascension provide for recreation and physical activity? 

Ascension scholars enjoy growth through recreation and physical activity on a daily basis. Two recesses are provided daily in which students interact socially and through play. Specific instruction in physical education is provided every week in order to learn skills essential for physical and motor skill development.


What are the benefits of Ascension's multi-grade classroom strategy?

Here are three key benefits of our multi-grade learning environment:

  • Students learn from other grades. While other lessons are being taught, students often, consciously or subconsciously listen in on the lesson. This does two things. It either preps their mind for future learning or ignites a curiosity to learn a new concept even quicker.

  • Positive Social Climate and Behavior - Students in a multi-grade classroom foster early growth in social skills and are much more likely to find acceptance. Since there are many different age and ability levels in one room, the focus on differences becomes marginalized and the focus on learning and acceptance becomes natural.

  • Lengthened Teacher-Student Relationship - In a multi-grade setting, teachers are able to teach the same students for multiple years. Thus the teacher is able to develop a better understanding of each student’s strengths, weaknesses and learning habits. This allows the teacher to more easily individualize the learning in the classroom.


Does Ascension have any special on-site food restrictions or requirements?

Parents of children with special needs provide us allergy information annually. We use the information to keep all of our students safe during lunch and/or snack time. Our students bring their own lunches every day in lieu of a hot lunch program. Students in grades 3-8 are able to heat up lunches in the microwave if they so choose.


What are the benefits of Ascension's student uniform policy?

Uniforms provide a professional environment in which students can learn. Uniforms also tend to make it easier for students to fit in and not have to worry about wearing the “right” clothes. The more we can make students feel comfortable in the classroom, the more they are able to grow.


Location: Sarasota, Florida, USA

Grades offered: Preschool - 8th Grade
Teachers: 9 Full-Time, 2 Part-Time 
Students: 64 (2022-2023)
Student/Teacher Ratio: 9:1
Hours: 8:15-3:15 (Aftercare also available)
Uniforms: Elementary, yes. No uniforms for preschool.
Extra Care: Morning care (for preschool) and aftercare (for all) offered.
Special Offerings: Spanish, Art, one iPad per student, Weekly chapel, Spring Play, Spiritual counseling available for school family members
Extracurriculars: Flag Football, Basketball, Track and Field, Kickball, Soccer, Gaga Ball

What measures and procedures are in place to ensure my child's safety at school?

We routinely practice fire and tornado safety. All school doors are locked throughout the school day.  We do all we can to make students feel safe and cared for.


What extracurricular activities and learning engagements/opportunities does Ascension provide outside of the classroom?

K-8 students can be involved in our Spanish classes which are offered after school on a weekly basis. Ascension participates in many field trips throughout the year, the most notable of which may be the Write-A-Play program offered by Florida Studio Theatre. Students see performances and are instructed by actors and actresses on the play-writing process. The year-long event ends with students writing plays and seeing winning plays performed by real actors and actresses.


How is the Bible taught in the classroom?

The truths of the Bible are taught each morning in a specific Word of God class. In this class students learn about different stories in the Bible and how those stories relate to God’s love for us, and his sending of Jesus to be our Savior. Beyond the specific Word class instruction, the Bible serves as a foundation for each class that is taught at Ascension. All class are taught in the light of God’s Word. All classes are taught from a Christian perspective.


My child has special physical, social, or psychological needs. What accommodations can Ascension provide?

Each of our teachers are trained to be able to differentiate instruction for all types of learners. As a close-knit family, we look out for the needs of individuals and do all we can to help them succeed. In some cases we teach a classes to an individual students. In some cases, students receive tutoring from a special education teacher. We work to provide the best education possible for every Ascension student.


How much does it cost to attend Ascension Lutheran School in Sarasota?

Ascension strives to provide affordable education to every child. Several grants and scholarships are available. Contact us at our campus today to learn more about our tuition rates and financial aid resources.


Is membership at Ascension required for students/families?

While we do encourage active church attendance on the part of students and their families, attendence/membership at Ascension Lutheran Church is not a requirement for Ascension students or their families. We strive to create an environment of love and learning. Our school atmosphere is one of Christian education and active Scriptural understanding. We believe that church attendence is a natural part of Christian life and encourage active participation in the Christian community for all students and their families.

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Elementary Education at Ascension

Our proven quality Christian education sets the stage for a lifetime of learning. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Ascension Lutheran School.
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