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"The Christ-centeredness is the most important and most appreciated aspect of Ascension Lutheran School in Sarasota. The weekly chapel, the daily devotions that center the children on their Savior - these are what we love most about this school."

Our nationally-accredited, award-winning Christian school in Sarasota is an excellent way to prepare your child for high-school. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Ascension:

How does the Ascension experience prepare my child for high school, academically, socially, and spiritually?

Our goal for the education provided to each Ascension scholar is excellence. Through conversations with parents and local high schools, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the education provided and make sure our scholars are set up for success upon graduating. Academically, our graduates score above the national average in math and reading. Socially, our students are used to communicating and socializing with with many different age levels due to our multi-grade setting. This allows our students to be prepared for social dynamics in high school. Spiritually, our students know the incredible gift of grace we have from God. Through a focus on God’s Word, they are prepared to let the love of Christ shine in their lives.


What athletics are offered at Ascension?

Our scholar athletes have opportunities for competition in a variety of sports. Flag football, soccer, basketball, and track and field are all mainstays at Ascension.


How is technology engaged by students at Ascension Lutheran School?

The best way to get students to learn is to inspire them to want to learn. It is strong teacher-student relationships that provide the groundwork for inspiration. Technology can’t and shouldn’t replace that relationship, but what it can do is is streamline the learning process and provide more opportunities for engagement in lessons. Each student has use of an iPad to enhance the learning they are experiencing on a daily basis.


What does it mean to have a Christ-centered education?

Our existence as a school hinges on God’s Word. We are committed to fostering growth in young Christians, while daily diving into the lessons that God’s Word teaches. The respect that students and teachers have for one another is born out of love for their Savior. The excellence that is pursued in all subject areas is a product of our sincere desire to fully use the gifts that God has given us.


Location: Sarasota, Florida, USA

Grades offered: Preschool - 8th Grade
Teachers: 9 Full-Time, 2 Part-Time 
Students: 58 (2021-2022)
Student/Teacher Ratio: 9:1
Hours: 8:15-3:15 (Aftercare also available)
Uniforms: Elementary, yes. No uniforms for preschool.
Extra Care: Morning care (for preschool) and aftercare (for all) offered.
Special Offerings: Spanish, Art, one iPad per student, Weekly chapel, Spring Play, Spiritual counseling available for school family members
Extracurriculars: Flag Football, Basketball, Track and Field, Kickball, Soccer, Gaga Ball

How will the Ascension experience spiritually benefit my child and family?

God’s love is life-changing. Whenever God’s Word is studied, it seems to spill over into all aspects of life. Through Bible History lessons, Catechism, praising God in song and reading devotions, our students and their families are enveloped in an environment filled with Christ’s love and are primed to grow as Christians because of it.


Does Ascension have any special on-site food restrictions or requirements?

Parents of children with special needs provide us allergy information annually. We use the information to keep all of our students safe during lunch and/or snack time. Our students bring their own lunches every day in lieu of a hot lunch program. Students in grades 3-8 are able to heat up lunches in the microwave if they so choose.

What are the benefits of Ascension's student uniform policy?

Uniforms provide a professional environment in which students can learn. Uniforms also tend to make it easier for students to fit in and not have to worry about wearing the “right” clothes. The more we can make students feel comfortable in the classroom, the more they are able to grow.


What measures and procedures are in place to ensure my child's safety at school?

We routinely practice fire and tornado safety, all school doors are locked throughout the school day, and we do all we can to make students feel safe and cared for.


What extracurricular activities and learning engagements/opportunities does Ascension provide outside of the classroom?

K-8 students can be involved in our Spanish classes which are offered after school on a weekly basis. Ascension participates in many field trips throughout the year, the most notable of which may be the Write-A-Play program offered by Florida Studio Theatre. Students see performances and are instructed by actors and actresses on the play-writing process. The year-long event ends with students writing plays and seeing winning plays performed by real actors and actresses.


How is the Bible taught in the classroom?

The truths of the Bible are taught each morning in a specific Word of God class. In this class students learn about different stories in the Bible and how those stories relate to God’s love for us, and his sending of Jesus to be our Savior. Beyond the specific Word class instruction, the Bible serves as a foundation for each class that is taught at Ascension. All class are taught in the light of God’s Word; all classes are taught from a Christian perspective.


My child has special physical, social, or psychological needs. What accommodations can Ascension provide?

Each of our teachers are trained to be able to differentiate instruction for all types of learners. As a close-knit family, we look out for the needs of individuals and do what we can to help them succeed. In some cases we teach a classes to an individual students. In some cases, students receive tutoring from a special education teacher. We work to provide the best education possible for every Ascension student.


How much does it cost to attend Ascension Lutheran School in Sarasota?

Ascension strives to provide affordable education to every child. Several grants and scholarships are available. Contact us in Sarasota today to learn more about our tuition rates and financial aid resources.


Is membership at Ascension required for students/families?

While we do encourage active church attendance on the part of students and their families, attendence/membership at Ascension Lutheran Church is not a requirement for Ascension students. We strive to create an environment of love and learning. Our school atmosphere is one of Christian education and active Scriptural understanding. We believe that church attendence is a natural part of Christian life and encourage active participation in the Christian community for all students and their families.

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